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Massachusetts Jones Act Lawyers


The Jones Act is a federal regulation that allows injured seamen to collect if they were injured at sea. It requires ship owners to provide medical care and living costs to injured seamen. It also provides the opportunity for an  injured seaman to recover if he is injured due to the negligence of a boat owner, captain, or co-worker. This would include cases of injury or property damage caused by the vessels themselves, even in the event that the injuries occur on shore. The Jones Act, which is also known as the Merchant Marine Act, can provide Maintenance and Cure benefits to the injured party.

Maintenance Benefits often take the form of living costs such as food and heating or electric bills. Cure benefits cover prescriptions, wheelchairs, and other medical devices. Understanding the full scope of options and benefits available and the process involved with respect to completing the paperwork in full compliance is where Attorney Gray's experience as a Proctor in Admiralty is invaluable. Because there are nuances and filing time lines that differ in Maritime Law with that of land based, and because the Jones Act particularly is a specialized area of law, it is vital to find a qualified attorney to assist you. Morgan J. Gray has earned the distinction Proctor in Admiralty, marking him as particularly knowledgeable about all areas of Maritime & Admiralty Law.