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Public Safety Personnel


Hurt in the line of duty? We can help.

Are you employed in a public safety position as a Police Officer, Firefighter, Corrections Officer, or other public safety position? Were you hurt at work? If you were, you may be entitled to accidental disability retirement, or workers' compensation benefits. Public Safety Personnel are entitled to additional compensation if their injuries are caused by an inmate, criminal defendant, or a third party in the line of duty.

The Law Offices of Morgan J. Gray, P.C., has worked with public safety personnel from across the state who have been injured at work. We can help you get the money you are due, either through Workers' Compensation payments, M.G.L. ch. 41 section 111F payments, or, for long term or permanent injuries, accidental disability retirement. In some cases, an injured worker may be entitled to benefits under all three areas of law. We understand the unique risks of public safety positions and can advocate for you successfully.