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Social Security Disability


Attorney for SSDI Claims in Boston and throughout the United States

Social Security Disability, also known as SSDI, and Supplemental Security Income Benefits, also know as SSI, are the largest of several Federal programs that provide assistance for people with disabilities. If your injuries will have you in recovery or disabled for at least one year, you may qualify for SSDI benefits. Navigating the process can be confusing and frustrating, which can add stress to your current painful situation. The Law Offices of Morgan J. Gray, P.C. may be able to guide you throughout the course of your claim.

Factors that may be considered for SSDI are:

  • Your current age
  • Education level
  • Past work experience
  • Impairments

Although it seems like a simple process, applying for these benefits is complex. Since the approval process is lengthy, it is best to do it properly the first time to ensure the fastest resolution possible. Having an attorney who knows the process and has been helping people receive their benefits for years gives you a much better chance of success. Many cases, particularly those with more complex medical issues, are denied. Proving your impairment can be difficult, especially because many people applying for benefits may have multiple impairments. Attorney Gray has significant experience with preparing and presenting appeals for applications that were rejected.

Here at the Law Offices of Morgan J. Gray, P.C., we have been helping people for 23 years with Social Security Disability. We can guide you through the process, answering your questions and taking care of the legal leg-work that would be difficult if not impossible for you to do on your own. Whether you are filing for the first time or appealing a denial, we will make sure you have the best possible chance of receiving the benefits you deserve, all while minimizing your stress and anxiety about the process.